This month and next, local La Jolla author Bridget Burton is taking her children’s sing-along book, “Annie Kai Lani: Kauai’s Beloved Pup”, on the road! With things opening back up post-pandemic, she has revived her Hawaiian-themed presentation and is bringing some added fun to local preschoolers. “Directors and teachers alike have told me how much they appreciate having something new for the kids to see and do and the fact that learning [especially reading] is enhanced with music,” says Burton, “doing these live presentations is a win-win-win.” The book follows the adventures of English Springer Spaniel Annie as she goes on excursions around the island of Kauai. Set to Hawaiian music (Bridget is also the vocalist for the book), the kids at local preschools (and K – 2) are engaged, active, excited and educated. During her most recent presenation at the Vine Learning Center in La Jolla, CA, Director Ann commented that if Burton will come back, they are going to make a whole Hawaii-themed day and invite the parents! Burton is 100% on board with this as she also teaches the kids, some fish names, a couple Hawaiian words and the hula. The entetaining and educational 20-30 minute presentations are a generous no cost gift with just a $20 purchase of the book and its companion enhanced-feature digital “movie” version bundle by the school (or a parent) to have and use before, during and after the presentation. “Let’s do Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou today!” Burton has a limited schedule and has only committed to a maximum of five (5) more presentations this Spring, so if you or someone you know is or knows a director or teacher at a local San Diego preschool (or private/charter K-2) school, please send them this post and have them reach out to [email protected] to see if they could be one of the select schools for “Annie’s Spring Tour”.